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Everyone’s seen the images of Santorini’s quaint cliff-side houses overlooking turquoise waters; it’s a go to destination for anyone looking to increase their Instagram following! But what if you could get something similarly, typically Greek on a budget?

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My boyfriend and I traveled to Kefalos in Kos, where we stayed for a week in basic self-catered accommodation for just £209. Kefalos itself is a bit rundown with not a lot to do but sunbathe and swim off the beach. Don’t get me wrong the long stretch of sand was lovely for a relaxing day or two. What we most enjoyed was exploring the areas away from the town, such as walking through the countryside to Limnionas Beach and an eventful day cycling to Kardamaina.

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What I propose you do though, is spend 3 or more days on the beautiful volcanic island of Nisyros. Although we just went for a day trip I fell in love with Mandraki; a sleepy fishing village set into the hillside. For day trippers it costs around €18 and takes about 1 hour by ferry to reach. I can imagine that one of the great things about staying there is that when all the day trippers leave as the night starts to roll in, you will have the place all to yourselves. Plus, just two trips a week from Kefalos will ensure you get some more peaceful days on the island. 

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When we stepped off the ferry, we decided not to go up to the volcano and headed straight into the town to start exploring the tiny cobbled streets overshadowed by whitewashed houses. Around every corner I found a cat to pet and at one point some beautiful little kittens asleep in a bush (which I made my boyfriend return to with me about 3 times during the day)! 

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For the best views over the town, head up to the Monastery of Panagia Spiliani. From here you can get a real feel for how the island was formed by volcanic eruptions 24,000 years ago and how Mandraki has been cleverly built into it’s hillside.

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When looking for accommodation, I would highly recommend you book somewhere with a swimming pool if possible as the beach is small with black sand, so isn’t the most picturesque.  

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